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Strawberry Daiquiri (Serves 2)


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Rum, Strawberry, Lime
200ml | 
Serves 2 | 15% ABV

This Cuban classic cocktail made from rum, lime and sugar has been given every modern twist imaginable. Frozen or rocks, pineapple or banana, the Daiquiri variations seem limitless. We've stuck with the original white rum recipe and added a seasonal twist with some fresh strawberry for a summer flavour. Made to be enjoyed over ice with a strawberry garnish.

Based on a cocktail created in Daiquiri, Cuba circa 1898.

Chill, shake, pop, pour
Serve over ice
Garnish with a fresh strawberry

Craft Cocktails are hand mixed and bottled in Dublin 7 by award winning bartenders. Made using 100% natural ingredients so some sediment may occur, shake before use! Pop within 6 months and once open, refrigerate and drink within 3 days.