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Ice Cube Tray - Rectangular

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Rectangular (Collins) Ice Cube Tray
13.4cm x 3.175cm x 3.175cm | Orange

Create maximum impact with minimum effort, and give your glass the ice it deserves with these premium ice cube trays.

This tray makes four ice spears that fit perfectly into a Collins or highball glass, 5.25in (13.4cm) x 1.25in (3.175cm) x 1.25in (3.175cm). The long shape means the ice melts slower and keeps your drinks cold longer.

Made from food grade rubber designed to avoid imparting odours, these ice cube trays are best in class and will last for years. We are the exclusive Irish stockists for this high quality range from Cocktail Kingdom so you won't find these anywhere else.

Craft Cocktails are made for ease of serve - just chill, shake, pop and pour over this beautifully formed ice!