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Yuletide Negroni (Serves 7)

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Tanqueray Gin, Orchard Fruits, Winter Spices, Vermouth, Bitter
700ml | 
Serves 7 | 19.5% ABV

All I want for Christmas is...gin! We thought so anyway and have mixed up just the thing for your Xmas afternoon aperitivo. Using winter spices, rich red vermouth, Italian bitter and orchard fruits all stirred down over Tanqueray Gin, our Yuletide Negroni is a winter twist on the Italian classic (or as we call it, Santa’s little helper). Best served over a North Pole iceberg with a clove studded orange slice garnish.

Based on a cocktail from Santa’s nice list, circa 1999.


Chill, shake, pop, pour
Serve over ice
Garnish with a clove studded orange slice
Contains sulphites

Craft Cocktails are hand mixed and bottled in Dublin 7 by award winning bartenders. Made using 100% natural ingredients so some sediment may occur, shake before use. Pop within 6 months and once open, refrigerate and drink within 7 days.