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Festive Old Fashioned (Serves 2)


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Bulleit Bourbon, Caramel, Fig, Bitters
200ml | 
Serves 2 | 22.5% ABV

Tis the season and we are celebrating with a festive twist on everyone’s favourite whiskey cocktail, The Old Fashioned. Using our American favourite, Bulleit Bourbon, we’ve brought some seasonal flavours to this classic cocktail with the inclusion of fig, caramel, orange spiced bitters and a dash of Grandma’s top tipple, PX sherry. A slow winter sipper for after the kids have gone to bed. Best enjoyed over ice with a caramel shard garnish underneath the mistletoe.

Based on a classic cocktail adapted by Buddy The Elf, circa 2003.


Chill, shake, pop, pour
Serve over ice
Garnish with a caramel shard
Contains sulphites

Craft Cocktails are hand mixed and bottled in Dublin 7 by award winning bartenders. Made using 100% natural ingredients so some sediment may occur, shake before use. Pop within 6 months and once open, refrigerate and drink within 7 days.